Time for a break, I guess?

September 21, 2010

Okay, so I knew this would happen eventually –  I gave you all the quotes I’ve collected thus far.  I’m currently reading Hollywood, by Charles Bukowski, but I don’t want to post the stuff I’ve underlined in it until I’ve finished the novel.  So… we’ll all have to wait a little bit until I am finished!

If you have any book suggestions for me, please post them in a comment here.


I learned not to get my tongue pierced.  Because if you’re getting it pierced for the reason why I think you’re getting it pierced and you’re not good at that thing to begin with, no little piece of jewelry is going to save the day.

Because when  you’re manic, every urge is like an edict from the Vatican.  No plan is a bad one, because if you’re there and you’re doing it, it can’t be bad.

He was a Republican by profession.  Because how many gay Republican drug users do YOU know? … Oh that’s right, lots and lots.

So, when weighing the choice between ECT or DOA, the decision is easy to make.